Submission Center

Submission Center

Submission Free of Charge

A) How do we submit the manuscript (see, e.g., LaTeX_examp.pdf and LaTeX_examp.tex):

The author has to follow the next lines:

1) The author has to email the PDF-format manuscript to the following e-mail address:

2) The reviewing process continues 14 days, not more.

3) The author receives a message containing important information about the status of the paper (accept or reject).

4) The author emails the original LaTeX file following the present sample.

5) We send the {Galley proof} thus the author may correct the paper if need in three days in accordance with reviewer notes.

Then it should be emailed back on the aforementioned e-mail address.


B) pdf and tex examples




or   the command line in (doc) format 

   LaTeX_tex.docx


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