Aim and Scope

Aim and Scope

Contemporary Methods in Mathematical Physics and Gravitation (CMMPG) is an open access peer-reviewed journal fully available to all readers (Electronic-only format). It aims to disseminate new mathematical methods, approaches and ideas of great interest to the following areas of the Theoretical Physics: Classical and Quantum Mechanics and Statistics, Dynamical Systems (Classical and Quantum), Cellular Neural Networks, Quantum Field Theory and Applications, Schroedinger Operators, Quantization, Conformal Field Theory, Atomic Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Disordered and Random Systems, General Relativity, Quantum Gravity, Quantum Computation, Quantum Information, Statistical Mechanics, Classical String Theory, Superstring Theory, Classical Gravitation and Astronomy, Black Holes, Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

The main fields of Mathematics applicable in the above stated areas are: Analysis (applied to physical systems), Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Differential Geometry and Topology, Symplectic Geometry, Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Topology, Non-Commutative Geometry, Knot Theory, Lie Theory, Quantum Groups, Calculus of Variations, Optimal Control, Systems Theory, Numerical Methods in Physics and Statistical Methods.

The journal publishes research articles and topical review articles. There are special issues for thesis and book prepublications and publications with corresponding discussions. We encourage the authors for submission of short communications, i. e., fast publications including less than or equal to 4 pages.

Special issues will be devoted to Conference proceedings and Collections of papers, Collections of abstracts of lectures, Collections of articles of general interest, Collections of articles of miscellaneous specific content, Proceedings of conferences of general interest .

In addition, the Journal offers Letters to the Editor, Book reviews and Scientific discussions, Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest.

Latest Papers

    • Qamar Din
      Qualitative nature of a discrete predator-prey system
    • Ahmad Golbabai, Ehsan Mohebianfar
      A new variable shaped radial basis function approach for solving European option pricing model
    • T. Donchev, A. Nosheen, R. Ahmed
      On the solution set of fuzzy systems