CMMPG (Electronic-only format) is founded in 2015 and is an open access peer-reviewed journal fully available to all readers. It aims to publish original works containing new approaches and ideas of the Mathematics related to Theoretical Physics and Applications. The Journal features publications of great significance describing the physical world by analytical, numerical and statistical methods. 


Contemporary Methods in Mathematical Physics and Gravitation (CMMPG) is listed in:





Latest Papers

    • Qamar Din
      Qualitative nature of a discrete predator-prey system
    • Ahmad Golbabai, Ehsan Mohebianfar
      A new variable shaped radial basis function approach for solving European option pricing model
    • T. Donchev, A. Nosheen, R. Ahmed
      On the solution set of fuzzy systems
  • Colliding black holes are reported for a fifth time 16th November 2017
    Science TickerPhysics,Astronomy,Gravitational waves by Emily Conover 11:40am, November 16, 2017 BLACK HOLE BOUNTY  Gravitational waves have been spotted from two merging black holes (illustrated above), the fifth reported detection.Mark Garlick/Science Photo Library/Alamy Stock PhotoSpacetime ripples from black holes are becoming routine.For a fifth time, scientists have reported the detection of two colliding black holes via […]
  • Why the wiggle in a crowd’s walk can put a wobble in a bridge 9th November 2017
    NewsPhysics Pedestrians tend to sync their steps, resulting in the structure’s big swings By Emily Conover 2:00pm, November 10, 2017 SWINGING BRIDGE  When it first opened, crowds on the Millennium Bridge in London (shown) caused the bridge to sway wildly. Scientists have made improved simulations to determine the conditions that lead to such wobbly bridges.Cedric […]
  • Mystery void is discovered in the Great Pyramid of Giza 1st November 2017
    NewsArchaeology,Physics,Technology Particle physics reveals there is more to wonder about one of the Seven Wonders of the World By Maria Temming 8:00am, November 2, 2017 SEEING THROUGH STONE  High-tech particle detectors have revealed a never-before-seen empty space within the Great Pyramid of Giza.sculpies/Shutterstock Magazine issue: Vol. 192 No. 9, November 25, 2017, p. 6 Citations K. […]
  • This is the lightest robot that can fly, swim and take off from water 25th October 2017
    News in BriefRobotics,Technology,Physics The insect-inspired machine is about 1,000 times lighter than previous aerial-aquatic bots By Mariah Quintanilla 4:05pm, October 25, 2017 AIR AND WATER BENDER  This tiny, buglike machine is the lightest robot that can fly, swim and launch itself from water.Yufeng Chen, E. Farrell Helbling and Hongqiang Wang Magazine issue: Vol. 192 No. […]
  • Light’s weird dual nature weathers trip to space and back 25th October 2017
    News in BriefQuantum Physics,Physics ‘Delayed-choice’ test, a first with spacefaring photons, affirms light can behave like a wave or a particle By Emily Conover 2:00pm, October 25, 2017 THERE AND BACK AGAIN  Light retains a double life, acting like either a particle or a wave. To test this idea in space, scientists sent light through […]