CMMPG (Electronic-only format) is founded in 2015 and is an open access peer-reviewed journal fully available to all readers. It aims to publish original works containing new approaches and ideas of the Mathematics related to Theoretical Physics and Applications. The Journal features publications of great significance describing the physical world by analytical, numerical and statistical methods. 


Contemporary Methods in Mathematical Physics and Gravitation (CMMPG) is listed in:





Latest Papers

    • Qamar Din
      Qualitative nature of a discrete predator-prey system
    • Ahmad Golbabai, Ehsan Mohebianfar
      A new variable shaped radial basis function approach for solving European option pricing model
    • T. Donchev, A. Nosheen, R. Ahmed
      On the solution set of fuzzy systems
  • Naked singularity might evade cosmic censor 12th May 2017
    NewsPhysics Spacetime singularities might exist unhidden in strangely curved universes By Emily Conover 9:00am, May 15, 2017 LAID BARE  Inside a black hole, the extreme curvature of space (shown) means that the standard rules of physics don’t apply. Such regions, called singularities, are thought to be shrouded by event horizons, but scientists showed that a […]
  • New printer creates color by shaping nanostructures 5th May 2017
    News in BriefTechnology,Physics Laser morphs tiny germanium pillars to generate shades that won’t fade By Ashley Yeager 2:00pm, May 5, 2017 SUPER RESOLUTION  A new printer can make extremely high-resolution images. Here, the printer has reproduced images of famous architectural structures at 127,000 DPI.Technical University of Denmark Citations X. Zhu et al. Resonant laser printing […]
  • Gamma-ray evidence for dark matter weakens 24th April 2017
    News in BriefPhysics,Astronomy Similar signals far from galactic center suggest original finding may be false alarm By Emily Conover 9:00am, April 24, 2017 GAMMA GLUT  Extra gamma rays from the center of the Milky Way, detected by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope (shown), could be a sign of dark matter. But a new study doesn’t […]
  • The drama of Albert Einstein’s life unfolds in the new series Genius 13th April 2017
    TelevisionPhysics,History of Science TV show focuses on famed physicist’s personal life By Emily Conover 8:00am, April 16, 2017 LIFE STORY  Genius depicts the life of Albert Einstein (played by Geoffrey Rush), including his reaction to the rise of Nazi power in Germany.Courtesy of National Geographic Magazine issue: Vol. 191 No. 8, April 29, 2017, p. […]
  • There’s still a lot we don’t know about the proton 13th April 2017
    FeaturePhysics,Particle Physics,Quantum Physics Questions loom about the iconic particle's size, spin and decay By Emily Conover 8:00am, April 18, 2017 PROTON PUZZLES  Hidden secrets of the humble particle could have physicists rethinking some standard notions about matter and the universe.ARSCIMED/SCIENCE SOURCE Magazine issue: Vol. 191 No. 8, April 29, 2017, p. 22 Citations A. Antognini […]