CMMPG (Electronic-only format) is founded in 2015 and is an open access peer-reviewed journal fully available to all readers. It aims to publish original works containing new approaches and ideas of the Mathematics related to Theoretical Physics and Applications. The Journal features publications of great significance describing the physical world by analytical, numerical and statistical methods. 


Contemporary Methods in Mathematical Physics and Gravitation (CMMPG) is listed in:





Latest Papers

    • Qamar Din
      Qualitative nature of a discrete predator-prey system
    • Ahmad Golbabai, Ehsan Mohebianfar
      A new variable shaped radial basis function approach for solving European option pricing model
    • T. Donchev, A. Nosheen, R. Ahmed
      On the solution set of fuzzy systems
  • Single-atom magnets store bits of data 20th March 2017
    News in BriefPhysics,Technology,Condensed Matter Holmium-based technology could lead to smaller hard drives By Emily Conover 4:25pm, March 20, 2017 ATOMIC BIT  Scientists stored data using individual atoms of holmium (shown above). Each 0 or 1 is encoded using the orientation of the atom’s magnetic field.IBM Citations F. Natterer et al. Storing information in single atom […]
  • Superfluid helium behaves like black holes 16th March 2017
    NewsPhysics,Condensed Matter A frictionless form of helium appears to follow the same counterintuitive ‘area law’ as black holes By Emily Conover 11:13am, March 16, 2017 ENTANGLEMENT EDICT  Superfluid helium follows a bizarre rule of physics. The information in a system — entropy — increases with the surface area of the system not with the volume. […]
  • To understand rivers, let physics be your guide 16th March 2017
    Reviews & PreviewsPhysics,Earth New book explores science of waterways By Laurel Hamers 8:00am, March 19, 2017 WINDING WATERWAYS  Aerial views of watersheds like this one in Egypt can take on fractal-like appearances, with large rivers branching into ever-smaller streams.Google Earth Magazine issue: Vol. 191 No. 6, April 1, 2017, p. 29 Where the River FlowsSean […]
  • A slowdown at the sun’s surface explained 9th March 2017
    Mystery SolvedPhysics Escaping photons may slow the rotation of the star’s outer layers By Emily Conover 9:00am, March 10, 2017 SOLAR SLOWDOWN  The sun’s surface rotates more slowly than its inner layers. Scientists now have an explanation: Photons leaving the sun could carry angular momentum away, slowing the top layer’s spin.SDO/NASA Citations I. Cunnyngham et […]
  • Physics greats of the 20th century mixed science and public service 16th February 2017
    Reviews & PreviewsHistory of Science,Science & Society,Physics New biographies chronicle the lives of Enrico Fermi and Richard Garwin By Tom Siegfried 6:00am, February 23, 2017 GREAT MINDS  Physicists Enrico Fermi (left, shown in the 1940s) and Richard Garwin (right, in the 1960s) are the subjects of two new books.From left: Dept. of Public Affairs/Dept. of […]