CMMPG (Electronic-only format) is founded in 2015 and is an open access peer-reviewed journal fully available to all readers. It aims to publish original works containing new approaches and ideas of the Mathematics related to Theoretical Physics and Applications. The Journal features publications of great significance describing the physical world by analytical, numerical and statistical methods. 


Contemporary Methods in Mathematical Physics and Gravitation (CMMPG) is listed in:





Latest Papers

    • Qamar Din
      Qualitative nature of a discrete predator-prey system
    • Ahmad Golbabai, Ehsan Mohebianfar
      A new variable shaped radial basis function approach for solving European option pricing model
    • T. Donchev, A. Nosheen, R. Ahmed
      On the solution set of fuzzy systems
  • Scientists peek inside the mind of Maxwell’s demon 14th July 2017
    NewsPhysics Memory tests uphold the second law of thermodynamics By Emily Conover 7:00am, July 17, 2017 ORDER FROM DISORDER  Maxwell’s Demon (illustrated above) is a hypothetical creature that could illegally decrease entropy, or disorder, by separating faster molecules (blue) from slower ones (green) within a box of gas. Scientist have probed this demon’s memory for […]
  • Pin-drop test pops Greek amphitheater’s acoustic claims 6th July 2017
    News in BriefArchaeology,Physics Analysis reveals that guidebooks overhype the site’s ability to carry sounds By Rachel Ehrenberg 3:45pm, July 6, 2017 NOW HEAR THIS  This ancient Greek amphitheater in Epidaurus is renowned for its acoustics, but good luck hearing whispers if you’re sitting in the back row.Richard Barrett-Small/Flickr (CC BY 2.0) Citations C. Hak et […]
  • 50 years ago, a millionth of a degree above absolute zero seemed cold 29th June 2017
    50 Years AgoPhysics Excerpt from the July 8, 1967, issue of Science News By Emily Conover 7:00am, July 5, 2017 CHILL OUT  Scientists create ultracold clouds of atoms to study a state of matter called a Bose-Einstein condensate, shown above in a computer simulation.NIST Magazine issue: Vol. 191, No. 13, July 8, 2017, p. 4 […]
  • Here’s why your wheelie suitcase wobbles 20th June 2017
    For Daily UsePhysics Roller luggage simulation provides physics insights possibly relevant to other vehicles By Maria Temming 7:05pm, June 20, 2017 ROCKIN’ ROLLER Physicists give the play-by-play of what makes rolling luggage rock back and forth.Pavel Ilyukhin/Shutterstock Citations G. Facchini et al. The rolling suitcase instability: a coupling between translation and rotation. Proceedings of the […]
  • Satellite trio will hunt gravitational waves from space 20th June 2017
    European Space Agency green-lights LISA detector, expected to launch in 2034 Science TickerAstronomy,Cosmology,Physics by Lisa Grossman 4:58pm, June 20, 2017 IN THE BALANCE A trio of freefloating spacecraft called  LISA (one of the satellites illustrated) will search for gravitational waves from space in a mission expected to launch in 2034.AEI/Milde Marketing/ExozetThe hunt for gravitational waves […]